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What Others Are Saying:

Wired for Results takes the mystery out of success. With brilliant simplicity, Lucy Hoger provides her proven step-by-step framework for reliably creating a business that is scalable and self-sustaining. Inside these pages you’ll learn the steps to developing a robust employee culture, turning passive customers into passionate advocates, and how to use metrics to track the pulse of your success. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then this book is for you.

David Hindin, M.D. Photo

— David Hindin, M.D.,

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Invented Magazine

Lucy Hoger's smart, sincere and thoughtful 7-step framework in this book showed me how to develop practical strategies that allowed me to take my business in a new direction. Lucy's approach in Wired for Results was refreshing and insightful to help me transition a business that remains sustainable, repeatable, scalable, and profitable. I truly appreciate Lucy's wisdom given in this book, which will continue to guide and shape many aspects of my professional life.

— Ron Ybarra


Lucy Hoger delivers much-needed clarity with her 7-step framework for building a thriving business. Wired for Results is a how-to book that will 10x your business fast. This book will help any entrepreneur and business owner focus on the steps they need to work on to improve profitability and scale their business. Lucy’s book is yet another brilliant read and a must-have.

Jackie Damelian Photo

— Jackie Damelian

Co-Founder of MundoExperts

As a new-found business owner, I really picked up on Lucy Hoger’s advice and lessons in Wired For Results. The knowledge shared in this book has provided me with focused efforts, clear strategy, and empowerment for my own business development and growth. As a successful athlete, this is now my playbook for business. I am using it to channel my passions into a profitable company.

Rich Stead Photo

— Rich Stead

Gold Medal Winner and Founder/CEO of Athletes Insight

Every now and again a book comes along that changes the game. Lucy Hoger's Wired For Results shares a lifetime of experience that she has validated from small businesses to large international corporations. The 7 step framework Lucy shares in this book is about business, however that same framework could be applied to a family, a church or a school. This will be the only business book you need this year to take you and your business to it's potential.

— Grahame Rees

Founder of KLR Marketing School

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